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Tourist guides in Eurajoki


Tourist guides in Eurajoki established their own association in the Autumn 2011. The  fourth Eurajoki tourist guide training  was organised 2014-2015.  Year 2017 there are 23 active tourist guides in the associaton.  There are 300-500 guided tours per year in Eurajoki. The main sights are Vuojoki Mansion, churches, local museums and Foucault pendulum. In Luvia the main sights are the church, The ketch Ihana, The lighthouse of Säppi and the local museum.

The co-operation with Eurajoki Tourist Information and Culture Office is tight. We are very happy to participate marketing and local happenings in Eurajoki. In winter time the guides update their knowledge in monthly meetings.

The association acts as the bond between its’ members and supervises the professional interests of the guides. We train our members to guide both Finnish and foreign travelers. We also improve the guides’ local knowledge of Eurajoki region.

To carry out the purpose of the association we arrange training and visits and also support our members to participate in the regional and nationwide tourist guide trainings.

In 2015 the association had a challenging task. We arranged the Autumn general assembly and training days of Suomen Opasliitto ry (guide association in Finland) in Eurajoki. in 2017 the association congratulates the 100 years old Finland.

Emma Puosi, chairwoman